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Beauty trainer

Beauty trainer
AED 15000

For whom:

  • Do you struggle to find solutions to these questions?
  • Where to take a new course?
  • What and where did I miss?
  • Why am I staying where I am and not moving forward?
  • I think I stayed too long in my place?

Consider taking the Beauty trainer course.

The course is tailored for people who already have deep makeup experience and want to transition to highly certified makeup personas.

As an ambassador of the course, you will be able to teach courses in makeup application. You will be able to design course outline on your own through trendy styles. Your role as a tutor earns you respect and gratitude.

The course id designed to teach you communication skills, help create your course, and teach you how to target and bring students to your school.

Challenges to overcome

It often appears that many people are brilliant but lack confidence. Difficulty arises with organizing and assembling a program together; gathering step by step instructions and thinking out every detail gets overwhelming.

Kamilla started the institute facing similar problems. Her grit, dedication, and determination helped her to overcome the challenge. With over 1,500 students taught in 5 years, Al Ruba had a variety of trainers who had their unique traits. Above all, we have been able to keep the result and professionalism steady.

Course key takeaways:

  1. Gain listening skills that you need to attend to students' needs
  2. Identify different learning patterns
  3. Obtain results from students
  4. You are prepared for opening your institute (prerequisite which qualifies you for another certificate)

Course Description

1 day observation (trainer in action) + 1 day practice on real students (exam)

The course will include presentation with slides on each topic:
  1. Who’s a trainer.
  2. Prepare your own program
  3. Basic rules when you teach - methodology.
  4. Psychological basic skills
  5. How to build program - excel files
  6. Which results you need to achieve
  7. Progress cards

What to do when students are not achieving the results

After care program

Your investment: AED 15,000

100% Advance payment

Benefits you get completing the course

  • Basic understanding of your potential.
  • Understand growth and its application to the demands of the makeup industry.
  • Understanding cosmetics choices.
  • Leveraging on social media for immediate growth of customers.
  • Become a part of the ever-growing fashion industry by creating your fashion events.
  • Delivering satisfaction to clients in the MUA business.
  • Combining your acquired skills help you to build trust, boost your self-esteem so that you are proud to show your level of professionalism to people.

Certificates provided upon course completion

  1. Al Ruba certificate.
  2. KHADA accredited certificate
  3. CMAC Certificate

Your Bonus Takeaways

Provision of various products to help match client demands. The products range from drug store "fit me" to high end brands like Gucci, Huda, and Mac.

Provision of models for different skin makeup application procedures. Sunday classes for continued practice of the skills you learn during the tutorial.

Introduction to the alumni chat where answers will be provided to questions about the makeup industry.

Invitation to our great community of graduates who are masters and makeup artists with community events, gifts, networking. It is very important and valuable to move with people who are on the same wavelength as you.

Beauty trainer
AED 15000
Courses for advanced specialists and for beginners
Courses for advanced specialists and for beginners
Real models for skill training
Real models for skill training
Whatsapp group with the master 24/7
Whatsapp group with the master 24/7
Follow-up visits
Follow-up visitss
Discount system
Discount system
All popular beauty trends
All popular beauty trends
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