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About the profession

Enter the captivating world of makeup artists, or MUAs, where the magic of cosmetics transforms the canvas of human beauty. These skilled professionals are the artisans of allure, enhancing and elevating appearances to mesmerizing heights.

MUAs begin by consulting with their clients, delving into their unique essence, and creating tailor-made looks that embrace individuality. Their mastery extends to the intricate world of color theory, where they select and blend cosmetics to unveil the innate radiance of their subjects.

Within this enchanting realm, specialized paths beckon, from crafting ethereal bridal looks to conjuring captivating special effects and curating high-fashion editorial visions. MUAs are the custodians of trendsetting beauty, committed to continuous learning and the pursuit of perfection.
1000–5000 AED
average cost of one look at a private make-up artist
80 000AED
the average income of a makeup artist, even when partially employed

Who can enrol in our courses?

Aspiring Makeup Artists
Individuals who are passionate about makeup and want to pursue a career as a makeup artist.
Beauty Enthusiasts
Those who love makeup and want to enhance their skills for personal use or to help others.
Professionals in the Beauty Industry
Hairstylists, aestheticians, and other beauty professionals looking to expand their skill set.

What will you learn

Fundamental Techniques

Color Theory

Skin Types and Tones

Special Effects

Bridal Makeup

Editorial and Fashion

Client Consultation

Hygiene and Safety

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Student reviews

Discover the inspiring journeys and achievements of our talented students. See their testimonials and learn how Alruba Beauty transformed their passion for makeup into successful careers

Course program

On this day, we delve into the theory of makeup artistry, providing you with essential knowledge that will serve as the backbone of your skills. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of color theory, learning how colors interact to create harmonious makeup looks. We'll explore the fundamental principles of makeup application, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your makeup artistry endeavors. Skin preparation is a crucial aspect, and we'll teach you how to create the perfect canvas for makeup by prepping the skin effectively. You'll also become an expert in choosing the right foundation for different skin types and shades, ensuring a flawless base every time. Understanding undertones is a vital skill, and we'll guide you through the nuances, allowing you to expertly match foundation and makeup products to enhance natural beauty. Additionally, we'll delve into the intricacies of skin tones and types, ensuring you're well-equipped to cater to a diverse range of clients. Lastly, we'll explore face anatomy and various eye shapes, providing you with insights to create customized and flattering makeup looks for everyon
Day two focuses on creating a natural and simple makeup look. You'll begin by mastering the initial steps of makeup application, building a strong foundation for your artistry. Understanding how to analyze a model's face shape and skin texture is essential, as it allows you to adapt your techniques accordingly, enhancing individual features. Achieving suitable foundation coverage is key to creating a flawless base, and you'll learn the techniques to achieve this with finesse. Natural eye makeup is an art in itself, and we'll guide you in creating soft, subtle eye looks that highlight your model's natural beauty. Selecting the best lip shade to complement the overall look is another aspect we'll explore, ensuring a harmonious and balanced appearance. By the end of the day, you'll have mastered the art of the natural look, a skill that forms the basis for a variety of makeup styles.
Day three is all about sculpting and transforming looks for evening events. We'll delve into the intricacies of contouring and sculpting, allowing you to enhance facial features and create dimension. You'll explore the differences between wet contour and dry contour techniques, understanding when and how to use each for optimal results. The focus will shift to more intense eye makeup, perfect for night events, and you'll learn how to create captivating eye looks that command attention. By the end of the day, you'll be well-versed in crafting striking night looks that leave a lasting impression.
Day four is dedicated to mastering the art of eyeliner application. You'll learn about different types of eyeliners, including gel, liquid, and pencil, gaining expertise in selecting the right one for various eye shapes and desired effects. Achieving symmetry and precision in eyeliner application is a crucial skill, and we'll provide you with techniques to ensure your eyeliner always looks flawless.
Day five is all about creating mesmerizing smokey eye looks. We'll delve into the art of blending, teaching you the techniques required to seamlessly blend eyeshadows for a captivating smokey effect. You'll explore different types of smokey eye looks, allowing you to adapt your skills to various styles and preferences. Discover the ideal eyeshadow shades to use for different skin tones and eye colors, ensuring your smokey eyes are perfectly tailored. We'll also explore the bases to use for smokey eye looks, and you'll understand the nuances of matte, satin, and shimmery eyeshadow textures, enabling you to create stunning smokey eyes for any occasion.
Day six is all about achieving glamorous makeup looks. You'll explore the art of combining smokey eyes and eyeliner to create a bold and alluring effect. We'll teach you the techniques for soft smokey eyes and blending pencil for a sultry look. Recognizing different eyeshadow textures is crucial, and you'll become adept at mixing glitter, satin, and matte shadows to achieve captivating results. Additionally, you'll learn how to visually enhance the size of the eye, adding a touch of glamour to your makeup repertoire.
On the seventh day, we dive into the enchanting world of halo eyes. You'll master the halo eye technique, exploring various types to create captivating 3D effects. Discover the products and brushes to use for achieving the perfect halo eye look. We'll also delve into mixing matte and shimmery colors to create depth and dimension. The day culminates with the finishing touches of eyeliner and lashes, transforming your eye makeup into a mesmerizing masterpiece.
Day eight celebrates the vibrancy of colorful makeup. By utilizing color theory, you'll learn to harmoniously combine and complement colors to create bright and creative makeup looks. This session bridges theory with practice, allowing you to experiment with vivid hues and unleash your artistic flair.
The ninth day provides an opportunity to practice your favorite makeup look. It's a chance to recap and refine the skills you've acquired throughout the course, including face shapes, eye shapes, eyeshadow textures, and the theory covered in previous classes. Use this day to perfect your techniques and build confidence before the final exam.
Day 10 (EXAM DAY)
The last day of your makeup course is exam day, and it's a culmination of all you've learned. You'll have the freedom to choose your makeup look, allowing you to showcase your creativity and skills. The day begins with a 2-hour practical exam on a model, where you'll demonstrate your makeup artistry prowess. Following the practical exam, there will be a 30-minute written exam to assess your theoretical knowledge and understanding of the course material. It's the day where you put your training to the test and emerge as a certified makeup artist ready to embark on your exciting career journey.
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Kamilla Nurpeiis
CEO of Alruba

Welcome to Alruba Beauty, where we ignite your passion for makeup into a dynamic career. Our world-class programs and global community of graduates prove that dreams can be turned into reality.

With Alruba Beauty, you're not just learning makeup; you're unlocking opportunities. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards a fulfilling and prosperous future in the world of beauty. Our graduates have gone on to build successful careers, and we're here to help you do the same.

With over 1500 graduates worldwide, we're proud to be the stepping stone to a vibrant career in makeup artistry. Your dreams, our guidance, a vibrant career awaits.

Student works

Сourse fees
7500 AED
35% MAC COSMETICS (Approval
under the MAC cosmetics)
Installment payment
1250 AED month
supported by
ALRUBA community

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a metro nearby?

Yes, Business Bay metro station is 10 min walking distance and 5 min by car.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there is parking inside the building.

Are there any requirements (existing knowledge or diploma) to join the course?

No previous knowledge or qualifications are needed. The only requirement is passion.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, all ages are welcome to join our courses.

Are the products and equipment included?

Everything that you will need throughout the course is provided by us.

Do you provide models?

Yes, we will be the ones arranging the models for you. Each day you will have a different person.

Do you have evening classes?

Yes, depending on the course, we offer classes in the evening.

Will I be able to get extra practice after the course?

Yes, we have Saturday workshops where you will be able to get additional practice.

Will you prepare a portfolio for us?

We will teach you how to correctly make the before and after photos and assemble them into a portfolio.

Do you offer Make-up products for training or do I need to buy my own kit?

We offer all cosmetic products/ equipments required for make up training

At Al Ruba we only use the best products and equipment in the industry to provide you with the finest learning experience

You will only need to buy your own set of brushes

To help you buy your kit , we have a list of recommended products for each of the above courses

What certificates will I get?
  1. KHDA
  2. CMAC international certification
  3. Alruba certificate
Is the certificate internationally recognized?

The certificate is accredited by KHDA

Do you offer job placement?

We are able to offer job placements only after completion of long term courses.

If you want to know more about our courses, please, feel free to contact us
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