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Full Makeup Course

Full Makeup Course
AED 18 000

Turn your passion into Profession

The course is for international makeup students, specifically for:

  • Beginners who want to start their career professionally in the beauty industry
  • Makeup artists with little experience who have learned from Youtube and need practical training
  • Makeup artists who need to raise their qualifications
  • Salon owners who need to get hands-on training or train their staff

Course key takeaways:

A unique opportunity to learn how to do makeup with the most fashionable techniques of the latest trends among professional make-up artists and what you will not teach in Youtube!

We have collected 5 years of experience of all makeup artists of fashion magazines and catwalks in order to teach you how to paint at home yourself and also to understand the intricacies of brushes and other products.

How classes are organized

Theoretical and practical training with models. Theoretical training will allow you to expertise in the field and obtain the certificate.

Course Description:

1 DAY Makeup theory & basic rules all about face
2 DAY Day/evening look
3 DAY Content creation
4 DAY Face sculpting
5 DAY Recognising eye shapes and selecting eyeliners
6 DAY All about eyeliners
7 DAY smokey eyes
8 DAY Soft smokey eye & blending
9 DAY Halo eyes
10 DAY Cut crease
11 DAY Wedding look
12 DAY Dewy look
13 DAY Creating freckles
14 DAY Monochromatic look
15 DAY Bold liner look
16 DAY Double liner look
17 DAY Blue smokey
18 DAY Fox look
19 DAY Trendy Instagram look
20 DAY Bold lips & fashion inspiration
21 DAY Trendy Instagram look
22 DAY Bold lips & fashion inspiration
23 DAY Perfect blending
24 DAY Fashion show look
25 DAY Exam day

We teach students in an interactive form with the tone of practice and a short but filled part of theory. We have a separate class of theory and 3 hours / day of practice. Be ready for a massive homework.

Your investment: 18 000 AED

100% Advance payment

Benefits you get completing the course

  • You can start earning money consistently as a makeup professional
  • Know the secrets to find the best clients
  • Know exactly how to use lighting and your phone to create photos
  • Build an impressive online portfolio displaying your work
  • Grow your Instagram followers and your professional profile

Certificates provided upon course completion

  • Al Ruba Certificate
  • KHDA accredited certificate

Your Bonus Takeaways

  1. 13 piece brush kit;
  2. Products provided by institute;
  3. Practice on a real model;
  4. 6 lessons «How to start own business in beauty industry» guided by Kamilla (CEO of AlRuba Beauty)
  5. Makeup trends guide;
  6. Guide plan on how to get the clients;
  7. Invitation to our great community of graduates who are masters and makeup artists with community events, gifts, networking. It is very important and valuable to move with people who are on the same wavelength as you.
Full Makeup Course
AED 18 000
Courses for advanced specialists and for beginners
Courses for advanced specialists and for beginners
Real models for skill training
Real models for skill training
Whatsapp group with the master 24/7
Whatsapp group with the master 24/7
Follow-up visits
Follow-up visitss
Discount system
Discount system
All popular beauty trends
All popular beauty trends
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