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Beauty Basic Makeup

Beauty Basic Makeup
AED 7500

For whom:

For those with zero knowledge

For those who have taken courses before and for those who are already working as MUAs. To help you master the makeup profession in a short time

Focused training in relevant and trendy techniques that helps you start working on people's skin immediately.

For makeup professionals who want to know more about the unique theory we offer. It is a chance to know more about color theory and earn a KHDA/International Certificate

The course is designed for every gender.

Challenges to overcome

  • Zero knowledge: Applying cosmetics products with zero knowledge often poses a problem for everyone.
  • You have previous learning experiences but have never practised before and may have forgotten he procedure.
  • You need knowledge of client sourcing
  • You need help constructing your portfolio
  • People who struggle with constructing their portfolio
  • You have never practiced on different face shapes and textures

Course key takeaways:

  • Clients are taught hand-on courses that move them from amateur level to professional level. The knowledge gives them the toolkit to work as an MUA with enough portfolio to defend your craft as a professional.
  • Within 10 days, clients with previous learning experience get back to the best makeup procedure. They are able to regain their confidence after undertaking the course.
  • Expanding your knowledge as an MUA improves your skills and delivers an international certificate as a makeup artist.
  • Students are taught color theory which is necessary for combining more than one color.
  • Students are taught how to understand their undertone which improves their skills.
  • Students understand skin types which increase their chances of working on different skin types.
  • Students will be added to our close community of makeup artists where we share rare information about the industry (client offers, fashion backstage work, community events, discounts, 24/7 ask and answer system).

Course Description:

  1. Course duration 10 days
  2. 2 weeks, 3 hours a day
  3. Moday - Friday (Saturday & Sunday is off)
  4. Morning (11am to 2pm) and Evening group (6pm to 9pm)
  5. We select the schedule for the student
  6. The client has to be in a group of minimum 2 and maximum 6 people.
  7. The group always starts on Sundays, right after the previous session finishes.
1 DAY theory
2 DAY natural/evening
3 DAY sculpting
4 DAY eyeliner
5 DAY smokey eye
6 DAY glam look
7 DAY halo eye
8 DAY colourful day
9 DAY extra practice
10 DAY exam day

Your investment: AED 7500

The institute does not provide installment payment, but you can pay a down payment of 2,500 dirhams before the commencement of the training. On commencement, the remaining 5,000 dirhams has to be paid on the first day of the training.

Benefits you get completing the course

  • Basic understanding of your potential
  • Understand growth and its application to the demands of the makeup industry.
  • Understanding cosmetics choices
  • Leveraging on social media for immediate growth of customers
  • Become a part of the ever-growing fashion industry by creating your fashion events.
  • Delivering satisfaction to clients in the MUA business.
  • Combining your acquired skills help you to build trust, boost your self-esteem so that you are proud to show your level of professionalism to people.
Certificates provided upon course completion
  1. Alruba Beauty International Certificate.
  2. KHDA accredited certificate

Your Bonus Takeaways

Provision of various products to help match client demands. The products range from drug store "fit me" to high end brands like Gucci, Huda, and Mac.

Provision of models for different skin makeup application procedures.

Saturday classes for continued practice of the skills you learn during the tutorial.

Introduction to the alumni chat where answers will be provided to questions about the makeup industry

Invitation to our great community of graduates who are masters and makeup artists with community events, gifts, networking. It is very important and valuable to move with people who are on the same wavelength as you.

Beauty Basic Makeup
AED 7500
Courses for advanced specialists and for beginners
Courses for advanced specialists and for beginners
Real models for skill training
Real models for skill training
Whatsapp group with the master 24/7
Whatsapp group with the master 24/7
Follow-up visits
Follow-up visitss
Discount system
Discount system
All popular beauty trends
All popular beauty trends
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